The Huge WP Mistakes Which Cause 99% of Crashes,
Slow Load Speeds, Bans & Lost Rankings…

– The Insider’s Guide + Toolkit for Running Rapid, Stable & Defensive WP Websites –

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The HUGE WP Mistakes Which Cost Me $1000’s…

Forgetting Google Analytics Cost me $26,000

It's Me

Hi & Welcome,

I’m Chris Hitman, I’ve been a WordPress use for almost a decade. In that time I made plenty of stupid mistakes that usually came back to haunt me later…

In fact, one shoolboy error cost me $26,000 alone… How?

Simple, I sold a high traffic site and the buyer requested Google Analytics proof of traffic – a reasonable enough request if I had infact applied analytics to the site which I didn’t… I forgot…. DOH!… believe me it’s easily done.

But, I made bigger mistakes than that…

My Paid Content Was Indexed in Google Despite Being Protected by "Well Known" Membership Plugin So My Products Were…

Wordpress Security

I got a call from a marketer one day who kindly pointed out that he could access ALL my paid content for FREE... I was gob-smacked!

I protected the content with a well respected membership plugin – so what went wrong?

The kind marketer told me that WordPress is a bloggers platform that automatically archives all pages & posts including protected content… in doing so the content becomes unprotected & exposed – so whilst my pages were protected, the archives were wide open.

Another costly mistake that could have made that site worthless. I had bigger issues than that though…

My WP Sites Were Constantly Hacked
& Web Host CLOSED my Account

Hacking News 2014

So I worked hard to create websites and spent months on content/SEO & then boom… all my sites got hacked within a few months… one after the other & then to add insult to injury my host shut me down & booted me!

WP Web Audit - WordPress Security

Hosting companies are intolerant to sites that harbor malware.

WordPress is a honey pot for hackers… it’s the biggest CMS platform… if you don’t know how to properly secure a website it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when you’ll get hacked.

I Didn’t Even Know I Was Hacked… Until My Sites Were Reported & De-Indexed in Google

Hacking News 2014

The Problem is Global – 500,000+ WP Sites
Were Hacked in 2014

Hacking News 2014

Hacking is the #1 threat to any on-line business today. The volume of hacking attacks todat is at an epidemic level. It’s getting to the point where it’s almost impossible for sites operate without serious precautions.

My Load Speeds Were 6 – 12 Seconds
– I Was Wasting More Than Half My Traffic

"If A Page Takes 3+ Seconds To Load… You Lose 40% of your traffic"
– Kissmetrics

Fixing Slow Site Speeds

It Took Me a Decade to Find The Solutions…
I’ll Show You How A Simple Checklist +
Top FREE Tools Fix These Issues in Minutes

Wordpress Site Setup Checklist

Lets face it most of us are thrown into the deep end when it comes to WordPress. There’s an overwhelming amount of information as to what we should & shouldn’t do.

What I found over the 10 years as a WordPress user is that many of my mistakes were common & totally preventable + some of the tips I was given as an WP amateur really did make the difference between success & failure.

I created this product to help marketers & webmasters apply a proven checklist to WordPress sites to enhance & protect sites with minimum skill & effort.

I use this checklist on all my sites. It’s quick, it’s easy to follow & it uses the right tools for the job.

Here’s the Speed Increases I Got in 1 Minute
on My Slow Loading Graphics Heavy Sales Pages…

1 Minute Site Speed Tricks

Site optimized –

Site 1 before optimisation
Before Optimization
Site 1 after optimisation
After Optimization

Site optimized –

Site 2 before optimisation
Before Optimization
Site 2 after optimisation
After Optimization

Site optimized –

Site 3 before optimisation
Before Optimization
Site 3 after optimisation
*** Please note this site will load slower today as we have added the 6 large proof GFX above & it still gets an A rating ***
After Optimization

How We Speed Up WordPress Sites…

NCA Use a bespoke htaccess for faster MOD rewrites – 15 SECONDS

NCA Enable secure cache reducing server & MySQL load – 2 CLICKS

NCA Compress & Minify your CSS – 1 CLICK

NCA Block 99% of Bad Traffic reducing server & bandwidth load – 30 SECONDS

NCA Use Lazy image loading for faster page loads & less server overhead – 1 CLICK

NCA Optimize SQL – cleanup database for faster load speed – 1 CLICK

= Rapid Loading WordPress Sites Every Time

Hacker Intrusion Types

The 12 Essential WP Tasks for Webmasters:

Video Tutorial
Hosting Speed Tests

Task #1:

10 Golden Rules of Hosting

Getting the right host is the #1 priority for any webmaster – if you get this wrong then nothing else on this course matters. We guide you through our 10 step checklist, how to test hosting speed & give you our hosting recommendations

Video Tutorial
External Scans

Task #2:

Site Infection & Reputation Checks

These are due diligence checks. If your site is already infected or has bad reputation…it’s essential to deal with that issue first before commencing site tweaks.

Video Tutorial
Multi Plugins Install

Task #3:

Multi Plugin Installer & WP File Manager

We’re going to show you how to install all the plugins you need all in one go + configure a WP file manager plugin which will help you in your site file management + speed & security tweaks later.

Video Tutorial
htaccess Security

Task #4:

1 Minute Server Security & Speed Tweaks

Our bespoke htaccess will speed up WP mod rewrites and block a large list of well known pests & nuisance bots as well as add another security level to your site

Video Tutorial
Best Security Plugins

Task #5:

2 Minute WordPress Security

This is our fastest ever site security policy, it does all the essential site tweaks to a "medium" hardening level – this is the best balance of security without breaking the site’s functionality

Video Tutorial
Anti Indexing

Task #6:

1 Minute Content Protection

The objective here is to stop WordPress auto indexing content you don’t want to be listed in search engines by creating the first level of security & turning off auto archiving.

Video Tutorial
Google Analytics

Task #7:

1 Minute Analytics

This is a simple way to add Google Analytics & back feed your traffic stats to WordPress for an ‘at a glance’ view

Video Tutorial
Free Spam Blocking

Task #8:

30 Second Anti-Spam

This is the simplest way to block WP comment spam without paying for services like Askimet

Video Tutorial
Auto Maintenance

Task #9:

3 Minute Maintenance & Backup

In this section we’re going to backup your default plugin set, optimize your database, automate your updates & automate your backups to Dropbox

Video Tutorial
Image Optimization

Task #10:

1 Minute Batch Image Optimization

Here we’re going to batch optimize all your big web graphics to help increase your site load speed & decrease your website bulk.

Video Tutorial
Video Optimization

Task #11:

1 Minute Video Optimization

This is the fastest way to shrink your video size before you upload it to your CDN – this will help your web video playback quality & speed up your upload times

Video Tutorial
Rapid Speed Tweaks

Task #12:

1 Minute Site Speed Tweaks

Finally we’re going to do 4 simple site tweaks which will make your site run rapidly & make it much more stable under load

Hacker Intrusion Types

Video Tutorial
SEO Basics

Bonus #1:

1 Minute SEO Enhancements

This section is to help you enhance your SEO using one the most popular plugins – a fast guide on what to do & how to get the most out of your on page SEO

Video Tutorial

Bonus #2:

30 Second Auto Pings

This is old school but still has a mild positive effect in terms of search engine notification & rankings – your new content will be found a lot faster

Video Tutorial
User Security

Bonus #3:

1 Minute User Security

If you have other users on your site – this is a way to stop them from accessing certain parts of the WP Admin area

Video Tutorial
Site Troubleshooting

Bonus #4:

1 Minute Site Problem Diagnostics

This is a visual trace route program that will give you a visual view of any transport issues on your website

Video Tutorial
Batch Image Resizing

Bonus #5:

1 Minute Batch Image Resizing (PC)

This PC tool will instantly batch resize your graphics with no loss

Video Tutorial
Basic Audio Editing

Bonus #6:

1 Minute Audio Editing

This tool will allow you to clean up & edit your audio & voiceover projects

The #1 Masterclass for Running High Traffic WP Sites

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WP Web Audit -  Website Speed, Security & Stability for High Traffic Websites

The Stuff You Need to Know about Running
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WP Web Audit - Rapid site setup checklist for high traffic websites

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WP Web Audit

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I should tell you a little about myself…

I’m a semi-geek with a sales, IT & marketing background. I’ve spent 20+ years underneath dusty desks, answering support calls & installing web servers in noisy data centers. On route I’ve worked with some of the best web designers, marketers & businesses in the world. I’d like to share some of that knowledge & experience with you.

The principle behind my offers is always to save you time & money by finding easier solutions to common problems. If the product doesn’t meet these criteria it doesn’t get off the ground. I hope you agree that this product is no exception & of course you always have my no quibble money back guarantee to fall back on…

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